School for me is nothing more then a crimson illumination that leads you to be completely astray and actually in disarray, but as time pass, school became more tolerant and self ensuring. At times I would suffer the  occasional melancholy and wouldn't do my work when I was in elementary school but the one thing that got my attention the most when I'm upset was history because it very redefined and teach you of event that occur during our time periods. Now I'm in tenth grade and I feel the some way I felt back then about history. My current teacher is Sam, he teaches world history. His a very well rounded person who wants his students to succeed in every aspect in his class. In his class we cover ancient civilizations and how people lived during those times. I enjoy being in his class. its a blast everytime I learn something new about a civilization. The only thing I would say thats wrong about his class is that the students feel drowsy when they're in the class room. I think history is one of most important subjects in school, it informs you about your heritage and roots.